How to use HP Printer assistant

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HP is one of the most popular printer brands in the market today. There are different printer models each designed to meet the specific printing requirement of the user. However, since each printer model is different, users sometimes find it challenging to set up their new HP Printer, especially if they have never done it before. Thankfully there is a software that can help you with any HP Printer related task. The HP Printer Assistant is designed to help you set up and maintain your printer. You can use the software to check the ink levels, order additional supplies and scan for updates. HP Printer Assistant comes in-built in all HP Printers that were made after 2009. If you are using an older printer and do not have the software you can go to the HP website and download HP Printer Assistant and install the software on your computer. After you successfully download the software, you can refer to the steps given in this article and use the HP Printer Assistant to connect your printer as a new printer. You can also call the HP Printer contact number in case you have any questions about the download or installation steps

Steps to use HP Printer Assistant on a new Printer

Step 1: Connecting the Printer

  • Click the option to connect a new printer and select the connection type
  • Complete the on-screen instructions and finish setting up the printer
  • Restart your Printer and open HP Printer Assistant
  • In case the HP Printer Assistant does not work, proceed with the next step

Step 2: Remove the HP Printer Software

  • Disconnect the USB cable from your HP Printer
  • Open the control panel on your PC and go to ‘Programs and Features.’
  • Look for your HP Printer name in the list of installed programs
  • Click ‘Uninstall’ and use the on-screen instructions to remove the software

Step 3: Reinstall the HP Printer Driver

  • Go to the software and drivers software section on the HP webpage
  • Enter your HP Printer Model number and click ‘Submit.’
  • Check if the operating system is correct and proceed to the next step
  • Go to the ‘Driver’ heading and click ‘Download’ to get the full software package

Step 4: Reboot the computer and the HP Printer

  • Switch off your HP Printer and restart your computer system
  • Turn on the printer and try and open the HP Printer Assistant
  • If the ‘Printer Setup & Software’opens, click ‘Connect a new printer.’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download HP Printer Assistant and complete the software installation

If none of the above steps work, you can also use the Windows built-in driver to install the software and then run it on your computer. If you have any trouble installing and using HP Printer Assistant you can call the HP Printer Phone number and ask for additional technical support. HP Printer experts are available 24 hours a day to provide all the help you need to overcome any error on your HP Printer.